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How do I completely start over in City Girl Life?

Unfortunately there is no way to completely start over from scratch in City Girl Life. Please note that at this time, even if a player removes the application, their game data will remain on our game database.

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Why didn't I get gold from an offer/survey/payment in City Girl Life?

There may be several reasons why you have not received game currency after you have completed an offer, survey or direct payment. Please always remember to click all the way through the process that is provided to you for obtaining game currency, and allow up to 24 hours after you complete the process to be sure that there are no delays in crediting. If you have not received your game currency and it has been 24 hours or more since you completed the process, please contact our support team.


Here are some additional notes concerning this issue, along with instructions on how to contact our offer/survey providers regarding missing gold:


- If you are paying with Facebook Credits, please note that they are NOT at a one-to-one conversion. Please pay attention on the conversion at the purchase confirmation pop-up window.

- Usually you will receive Gold within an hour or two after completing an offer, survey or payment; however, sometimes it might take a few hours or up to a day for the system to update your transaction. Please only contact support if you still do not receive your Gold after 24 hours.

- Also, to avoid being double charged for the same transaction, please do not click "complete purchase" more than once.


If you are missing Gold from a City Girl Life offer, please go through the following steps in order to check on your Offer Status:


1. Click on "Earn Gold" tab in the City Girl Life payment menu

2. Click "Help" in the top right of the pop-up window

3. Click on the first FAQ labeled "Missing Gold" and check your Offer status by clicking on "My Offer Status"

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Why Am I Receiving Gifts and Requests From People That Are Not My Friends In The Game?

City Girl Life has players all around the world, moving up in their career paths and going to events in the big city. Some of these players do not have the neighbors needed to help and complete tasks. 


Therefore, players can choose to send gifts to these stranded players so they can complete their tasks and missions for the game.

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What are neighbors and why are they important in City Girl Life?

Neighbors are friends who you have connected with in the game. Neighbors are important to the game because you can visit their apartments for bonuses. Neighbors will also be important to your ability to unlock certain things in the game and will be helpful for sending and receiving gifts.


If your Facebook friend is playing City Girl Life, that person should be your neighbor! However, you will only see 50 neighbors at one time.


You can visit each one of your neighbors as many times as you like to earn coins, collectible items and more.  Please note that your first 5 interactions with your friends are free and any additional actions after that will cost your energy. Additionally you do not receive gold for visiting neighbors.


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What is City Girl Life?

With your suitcase in hand, itÂ’s time to say "Farewell" to your hometown and head to the big city to live out your dreams! Do you have what it takes to work your way from the crummy basement apartment to the Park Avenue penthouse? In this spiritual successor to Sorority Life, players will engage in a stylish and aspirational virtual world.

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How do I add or remove credit cards for City Girl Life on Facebook?

Because City Girl Life is an application hosted on Facebook, all transactions are processed through the Facebook Billing System. If you would like to add or remove billing information, please go to your Facebook Account Settings -> Payments Settings -> Payment Methods to remove your billing information.


For more information, please visit Facebook FAQ:  How do I add/remove credit cards from my account?

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How do I unblock City Girl Life on Facebook?

If you have not received an error message when attempting to load the game and are confident that your account is not suspended or banned from the game for inappropriate conduct, you may have accidentally blocked our application.


To unblock your game, please follow these steps:

    - Click on Account in the top right corner of any Facebook page

    - Select Privacy Settings

    - Click "Edit your lists" under Block Lists in near the bottom of your screen

    - Locate your game under "Blocked applications"

    - Click "Unblock" next to your game (this will remove the block)


For more information, please visit Facebook's Help Center.

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Why Doesn't the Earn Gold Button Work?

If you click the "Earn Gold" button and nothing happens, please make sure all pop-up or ad-blockers are turned off. Once the pop-up or ad-blockers are off, you should be able to participate in Trial Pay offers.


Please contact customer support by going to if you still experience this issue after following the above steps.

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