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How do I update Flash Player?

City Girl requires the most recent version of Adobe Flash to run properly. Flash will usually pop up a message whenever a newer version is available. However, if you miss it, please visit this link for the most up-to-date version: Flash Player

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How do I update my browser?

Browser programs are frequently updated to add functionality and address problems.  If you are using an older version, you may not be seeing websites the way they are meant to be displayed, and there could also be security issues. To check what version you currently have on your computer, open the browser program, go to the toolbar up top, click on "Help," and then click on "About [the name of the program.]"


The easiest way to update your web browser software is to download the update over the Internet. You can download the update for free by going to the company's website, and clicking on a link that usually says something like "download now.

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How do I clear my cache?

Clearing the browser cache is often the quickest and easiest way to clear up some issues you may be experiencing with the game. Here is how to clear the cache on some of the most popular browsers:


Internet Explorer: click TOOLS - INTERNET OPTIONS. To the right of Browsing History click DELETE. To the right of Temporary Internet Files, click DELETE FILES. Then click YES (It may take a couple of minutes). When complete, click CLOSE, click OK.


Firefox: Click TOOLS - OPTIONS. Under ADVANCED click the NETWORK tab, then click CLEAR NOW, (It may take a couple minutes). When complete click OK.


Google Chrome: Click the "wrench", click OPTIONS, then UNDER the HOOD, click CLEAR BROWSING DATA. The only box that needs to be checked is EMPTY THE CACHE, click CLEAR BROWSING DATA. (It may take a couple minutes). When complete, click CLOSE.


MAC USERS: SAFARI : From the Safari menu, click Reset Safari, then select only EMPTY THE CACHE and REMOVE ALL COOKIES, then click RESET.


FIREFOX - From the TOOLS menu click CLEAR RECENT HISTORY>from the TIME RANGE TO CLEAR drop down menu select the time range or select EVERYTHING. Click the down arrow next to DETAILS to choose which elements to clear and then click CLEAR NOW.

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Minimum Performance Requirements
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How do I contact support for City Girl Life?

If you are still having problems with the game, you can contact us via the Support tab on this page.


First provide a short description of the problem and click Go. If you don't find the solution for your issue, click on Create Support Ticket and choose a category. Next, you type in the subject of the issue and describe your issue giving as much detail as possible in the description field. Once you're done click on Send and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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What do I do if City Girl Life won't load?

Sometimes when you are having trouble loading the game, it may be because you need to clear your cache or are using outdated software. Some players also have better experiences when using different browsers.


If your game does not load or is slow, please try the following:


    - Please try clearing the cache of your Internet browser. (Instructions below)

    - Please ensure you are running the latest version of your browser.

    - Please update your version of Adobe Flash Player and clear Flash cache. (Instructions below)

    - Try playing on a different browser such as Chrome.


Browser and Flash Cache


Clearing your cache helps to prevent many loading errors. To clear your cache, select your browser from the list below and follow the instructions presented.


Internet Explorer


    - Click on the 'Tools' menu from the top of your browser

    - Then scroll down to 'Internet Options'

    - Under the General tab, there is a category called Browsing history

    - Click the Delete... button


You will be prompted with a selection of checkboxes. Please check only the box for Temporary Internet files and press the delete button at the bottom of the popup. Refresh your browser and reload the application.




    - Choose the Tools menu from the top of your browser

    - Scroll down and select Clear Recent History


You will be prompted with a selection of check-boxes. Please check only the box for Cache and press the Clear Now button at the bottom of the popup. Refresh your browser and reload the application.




    - Select the 'Wrench' icon in the upper right corner of your browser

    - Scroll down and select 'Options'

    - Click on the tab labeled 'Under the Hood'

    - Under the Privacy category, select  'Clear Browsing Data'


Check the box that says 'Empty the cache' and select 'Clear browsing data'. Refresh your browser and reload the application.



If your game is still experiencing issues after attempting these steps, please try clearing your Flash cache:


    To Clear your Flash cache, visit this site:


    You will see the Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager

    - Click on the last tab to the right (the folder Icon). Within this tab you will see a button, "Delete All Sites."

    - Click this button and confirm

    - Reload your game in Facebook

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How do I uninstall and reinstall the app?

To uninstall the City Girl Life app from Facebook, follow these steps!


1. Go to

2. On the left hand side, click Apps.

3. Locate City Girl Life and click the X next to "Edit."


Once you remove the app, it will not post on your timeline. However, all of your game data will be there if you would like to return to the game.


To reinstall City Girl Life, simply go to


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Why am I asked for photo permission in the Daily Look Contest?

When City Girl asks you to share your Daily Look, we will also now add a picture of your Daily Look in a Facebook photo album for you. Since this is a new feature, some players will see a Facebook permissions pop-up to allow those pictures to be added to a photo album. Here are the steps that you should take and what happens when you agree to the permissions:


1. Once you submit your Daily Look, you will be asked to share your look, and you will see a screenshot of your outfit. Clicking Continue with the Share box checked will show you a Facebook pop-up for posting to your Facebook wall along with the screenshot that will be used. This will happen every time you create a Daily Look.

2. Unless you are new to City Girl, you will now see another pop-up from Facebook. This pop-up is asking your permission to "Your photos," which means that a City Girl Life photo album will be created for you. (This pop-up does not give City Girl access to any other pictures.) If you accept by clicking Play Now, the City Girl Life album will be created, and all Daily Look photos will be added to this album. If you do not accept the permission (by clicking Not Now), the City Girl Life album will not be created, and no Daily Look images will be saved to your account. Please note that your Daily Look would still be in the post that is shared to your wall.

3. Once you have clicked either Play Now or Not Now, the Facebook pop-up will close and the pop-up for sharing your look can be seen again. (Steps 2 and 3 may be swapped for some players, where the Share Your Look pop-up appears before the Permissions pop-up.)

4. If you click Share without accepting the new permission, the post will be shared to your Timeline only. If you click Share and accept the new permission, the post will be shared to your Timeline and to your friend's walls.

5. If you click Cancel, no posts will be shared.

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Oh no! All my stuff is gone!

If you had not accepted RockYou's Terms of Service (TOS) between 4/30 and 6/26, your prior game from Disney Playdom has been encrypted and stored. You will appear as a new player for the time being. 


We are currently looking at all new users created during this period and determining if they are prior players. If you are among them, we will restore your game and notify you.


Thank you for your patience!

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Please login via the facebook window.
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